Align Your Body, Mind, & Fitness Goals

Are you ready to shatter your “healthy” preconceptions and step into a new, badass version of yourself?

Forget the old tales of not feeling good enough, it’s time to rewrite your story.

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Introducing the 30-Day Lifetime Health and Fitness Bootcamp by Erin Moran...

Where I help you realize that the problem isn't you -  it's the trash you've been taught to believe.   No more dieting, self sabotage, or anxiously trying to maintain a scale weight that by definition is supposed to change daily. 

Yes, I'm ready for a lifetime of health

I’m not teaching you to lose weight.

I’m teaching you why your body speaks in a different language than your brain and how to listen to your own genius.  You will become the woman who does fitness in a lean and strong body for life.  Say goodbye to the diet culture fear mongers and yo-yo weight gain...forever.

Stop throwing your hard-earned cash at new weight loss programs that teach you to restrict your truth.

It’s time for a real game-changer—a Bootcamp that helps you support your future self while learning to love your current self and holds you accountable.  This bootcamp is not just the result of over twenty years of experience; it's the truth about your body that was left out of medical school.   You will graduate with a proven blueprint for undeniable lasting change on all dimensions of your life.

They said eat less, move more, and bam—fit body.


Like you, I tried it all—running, fad diets, HIIT classes, detoxes, Major Weight Loss Programs, and yes, even those ridiculous MLM schemes.

I have a real, lasting solution for you.

Join Erin's 30-day Bootcamp

The weight boomeranged back every damn time even while puddles of sweat dripped from my body six days a week for seventeen years...

Like a bad joke on repeat.

Is the concept of gym rat and sculpting a lean, muscular body your personal Armageddon? Do you dread summer fun and BBQs because you think it means hitting pause on your fitness goals

Imagine this...

Indulging in life’s pleasures without shame or guilt for giving your body what it craves.  You can stay fit and eat what you want when your body leads.  No more bargain hunting for quick fixes that leave you living in  more fat than when you started; it's time for a real solution.

Detox starting Monday?

That Peloton gathering dust?

Cutting out sugar because it's the new Satan?


Welcome to the endless cycle of diet culture hell.

You absorb that nonsense when you’re tranced into the television so you can stay glued to the concepts of scale weight and BMI.

Get in on a solution that works!

Newsflash: that’s not a conspiracy theory.

It’s simple hypnosis learned in a free masterclass and why your fitness habit doesn’t get past January. 

🚫 You’ve heard about intermittent fasting, but did you know fasted workouts are the exact opposite of what a woman’s body needs to shift from more fat to more muscle in body compensation??

🚫 Or how about the caloric intake of a two year old that doesn’t even keep you breathing from your diaphragm? Let’s bust these myths and focus on what truly works.

I’m offering a no-bullshit shortcut.

Introducing the 30-Day Lifetime Health and Fitness Bootcamp by Erin Moran!

...without the diets, daily weighing, or calorie counting.

This isn’t about falling off the wagon; it’s about understanding why you can’t even get out of bed to go to the gym before the chaos of your day begins.

It’s about breaking free from the zombie funk that makes you believe you’ll never be fit and reclaiming your God-given worth.

You don’t have a weight problem; you have a self-love phobia.

Muscle doesn’t grow on Eat Less trees, and it sure as hell doesn’t grow if you neglect yourself.

Welcome to abundance, where you can eat what you crave and still feel fantastic.

It's about flipping the switch on those shadowy genes you inherited and healing into purpose. 

Hey there, I'm Erin Moran, your rebel weight loss coach.

I'm not your typical fitness nerd. I focus on guiding women to a lean body where longevity, energy, abundance, and nourishment comes before weight and without the needless sacrifice of life's joys.

Tired of obsessing over every bite and comparing yourself to others? It's time to escape this toxic cycle. 


My unique approach is built on the principles of lifetime health and fitness. It's more than just shedding pounds; it's about deep, impactful changes for your overall health.

With my method...

You'll master the nutrition of getting your body to the gym and understand what your body's signals mean, all while embracing a life full of pleasure and health.

What you get in this Bootcamp

This 30-day Bootcamp is your holistic journey to not just cutting through the nonsense but to also reshape your body, thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and emotional set point.

It’s about understanding yourself from the inside out and equipping yourself for lasting change.


Body Profile

Discover the secrets of your body's unique composition and learn how to work with it, not against it.


Brain Profile

Explore the power of your mind and how it influences your fitness journey.


Energy Profile

Tap into your energy sources and learn how to optimize them for maximum vitality.



Discover movement patterns that align with your body, enhancing fitness and well-being.


Life Application

 Integrate these insights into a harmonious, holistic approach to your health and life.

This isn't just another fitness program...

It's a comprehensive journey to reshape not just your body but your entire approach to health & fitness.

Embrace Your Transformation



Realize your journey with an exclusive BONUS holistic energy consultation, a $500 value bonus, with me, Erin Moran, your dedicated health coach. This is more than just a call—it's a crucial step in cementing lifelong health and fitness.

Together, we'll integrate the bootcamp insights into your daily life, answer critical questions, and transform your relationship with fitness. Say goodbye to gym dread and self-doubt, and welcome a future of confidence and lasting well-being.

Let's make this transformation sustainable!

Frequently Asked Questions

From equipment needs to support systems, we’ve got all your questions covered.

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey to empower you to achieve the body and life you desire, don’t hesitate to enroll in Erin Moran’s 30-Day Lifetime Health and Fitness Bootcamp today!

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Join the revolution.

It's not just about losing weight; it's about gaining optimal health and the life you were made for. 

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30-Day Total Transformation


Use the coupon code ALIGN at checkout for 40% off!

  • Comprehensive 30-day program
  • Daily lifetime health and fitness lessons
  • Holistic approach to body, mind, movement, and energy
  • Access to a supportive community
  • Group coaching calls
  • Bonus: One-on-one call with Erin

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